Easter: A Time for New Beginnings

Easter: A Time for New Beginnings

Easter lesson for A2-B1 students

Read the story as you listen to it. Then complete the vocabulary exercises.

Dear Friends,

Spring is here, and so is Easter, a special time when we remember the Resurrection of Christ. This holiday is all about hope and starting again.

On Easter Sunday, people who believe in Christ come together. They share hardboiled eggs, which are a sign of new life. They wish each other good things like happiness, health, and prosperity.

Here is a simple story for Easter:

In a small, pretty village, everyone is getting ready for Easter. A young girl named Emma is very interested in Easter traditions. Her grandmother tells her a story. She says that every egg we give to someone is like giving them a blessing. It means we care about them and wish them well.

Emma gives out eggs that are painted with many colors. They look like the colors of spring. When she gives the eggs to her family and friends, they smile. This makes Emma happy. It shows that Easter is about sharing, caring, and new starts.

Listen to the story once again and imagine the scene of Emma and her family on Easter Sunday:

Now, let’s do some comprehension exercises

Exercise 1.

Answer the questions about the text and Emma’s Easter story:

Exercise 2.

Match the halves to make collocations:

Exercise 3.

Unscramble the letter to make words and phrases (all of them you can find in the text):