Easter Celebrations: A Time of Renewal and Joy

Easter Celebrations: A Time of Renewal and Joy

Easter lesson for B2-C1 levels

Dear Friends,

As the spring air fills with the scent of blooming flowers, we approach the movable holiday of Easter with hearts full of joy. This cherished time is marked by the Resurrection of Christ, a cornerstone event in the Christian religion that signifies hope and the triumph of life over death.

Easter Sunday is a day when believers gather to celebrate the resurrection. It’s a tradition to share hardboiled eggs, symbolizing birth and new life, as we extend wishes of happiness, health, and prosperity to one another.

Read the story as you listen to it. Then complete the vocabulary exercises.

Let’s delve into a short story that reflects the spirit of Easter:

In a picturesque village, where the dawn paints the sky with soft hues, the community comes together in anticipation of Easter. Among them is a young girl named Emma, whose curiosity about the holiday’s traditions knows no bounds. Her grandmother tells her a tale of old, where every egg exchanged carries a blessing, weaving a bond of kinship and goodwill among all.

As Emma hands out her basket of painted eggs, each one a small masterpiece of spring’s palette, she feels the warmth of the smiles returned to her. In this simple act, the essence of Easter is captured – a moment of sharing, caring, and starting anew.

Listen to the story once again and imagine the scene of Emma and her family on Easter Sunday:

Now, let’s do some comprehension exercises

Exercise 1.

Answer the questions about the text and Emma’s Easter story:

Exercise 2.

Match the halves to make collocations:

Exercise 3.

Unscramble the letter to make words and phrases (all of them you can find in the text):

I hope this story inspires you to embrace the traditions of Easter and the promise of new beginnings. May your celebrations be filled with the joy of togetherness and the warmth of community spirit.

Happy Easter to all!